6 It is just that she has bigger fish to fry.” 7. 2. 206. You're wearing my jumper! For example, They're paying for the meal? It means to be guilty of what you accuse others of. B - Pot calling kettle… Definition of fine kettle of fish in the Idioms Dictionary. Example 1: A: I'm fed up of you always wearing my clothes. To Fish In Troubled Waters Pretty sentence examples. Your aunt and uncle seem pretty fond of you. A great deal has been made of Peter's infidelity towards his consort; but the only one who really suffered from his liaison with the ugly , stupid and vixenish countess Elizabeth Vorontsova was the unfortunate emperor. 118. That's a different kettle of fish… 4. Synonyms: tight corner, tricky situation, dilemma, crisis, back against the wall, mess; Use in a sentence: After firing Jessica, he found himself in a pretty kettle of fish. He seems to take delight in petty cruelty. 8. That's a different kettle of fish. For example, They're paying for the meal? 5. 'A pretty kiddle of fish' corrupted into 'A pretty kettle of fish'. kettle of fish phrase. 2. What does fine kettle of fish expression mean? The removal of petty restrictions has made life easier. B: Well this is the pot calling the kettle black. 3. So, a 'kettle of fish' could mean 'a net of fish'. Get the answers you need, now! Meaning: a difficult, annoying or unpleasant situation to be in. How can she be so petty? Oh, what a pretty sound it made! So she set the kettle on the back of the stove and went to ascertain if her husband had returned. pretty. A: It comes from,"The pot calling the kettle black". 256+11 sentence examples: 1. fine kettle of fish phrase. 390. The 'different' variant is much later than the original 'pretty' form, from which it clearly derives, despite the two phrases have very different meanings. The English cleric Ebenezer Cobham Brewer certainly believed that kiddles were the origin of 'a pretty kettle of fish' and stated as much in his 1877 glossary Errors of Speech and of Spelling: Kiddle, a basket for catching fish. Spot the error and correct the sentence: heres a pretty kettle of fish! The children are pretty but soon lose their charm, and the race, generally speaking, is ugly from the European standpoint. We just turned off the highway, so we'll be there pretty soon. ... a fine or pretty kettle of fish . A Pretty/Fine Kettle Of Fish. [First half of 1900s] It was a pretty place, with … ... Also, a fine or pretty kettle of fish . He got the sack for petty thieving. What does kettle of fish expression mean? Definition of kettle of fish in the Idioms Dictionary. See more. ; I got a fine string of them, and myself into a pretty kettle of fish in the bargain. 'A different kettle of fish', and I have to say it, is a different kettle of fish from 'a pretty kettle of fish'. 401. 154. ... A very different matter or issue, not necessarily a bad one. Kettle of fish definition, an awkward, difficult, or bad situation; muddle; mess: He's managed to get himself into a fine kettle of fish! Example 2: A - He's always late. ; One by one the crabs were picked up and dropped into a big kettle until at last it was full. 228. 75. Some of the prison officers were petty tyrants. said tegumai. ... A very different matter or issue, not necessarily a bad one. Truthfully, it is pretty awful. ; Meanwhile his daughter put the tin kettle on the fire and prepared their last cup of tea. 186.