. The Gin & Tonic was concentrated at the lower layers of the cake and the alcohol was pretty mild. Aug 9, 2019 - Lychee Rose Cake - Our Best-Seller! Lychee Rose Cheesecake, Lychee Jelly, Crumble Base ... Back Signature Cakes Classic Cakes Macarons Cart ... Patisserie G. 9 Raffles Boulevard, Singapore, , 039596, Singapore (65)63387578 contact@patisserieg.com. Right now… its feast time for our (upcoming) birthdays with Cheng fam! Enjoy the taste of English Earl Grey with these daint, Yuan Yang Milk Tea Cake with Okinawa Brown Sugar Jelly, CNY Special: Assorted Brownies - Box of Four, CNY Special: Belgian Chocolate Chip Cookies - Jar, CNY Special: Chocolate Fleur De Sel Cookies (Egg-Free) - Jar, CNY Special: Cupcakes - Box of Two (min. They also offer a range of healthier cake options for those with special dietary requirements. Soft rosewater sponge cake with light rose buttercream and generous serving of lychee bits. Thank you all for coming down and join us at Books & Stuff Flea once again!! Edith Patisserie. With all the vendors for the day @jojobeans @braintango @onegirlonepot @charlottewangwang @sarahfied sans @ittenmodo who was too shy for a pic! . So gonna order other flavours from Edith next time! // Lychee Rose cake from Edith Patisserie. 1. A perfect choice for the older crowd and kids alike! Hee thank you everyone for buying something from me!! I'll share more about our quiet celebration another day. May 21, 2017 itssandydandy. Thank you for your support! New arrivals yo. I love how moist the cake was and the generous lychee bits in between the layers. ‍♀️. With ma sweetheart. We have bundles for you to choo, An assortment of everyone's favourite mini bites topped with CNY decorations, perfect as a gift this, Did you know that rock melon is a cooling fruit? Note: This is a full fresh cream cake and requires refrigeration. © 2021 Edith Patisserie. The lychee rose cake turned out better than I expected! Where To Shop And Dine On 2019 National Day Long Weekend Soft-shell Crab With Chilli Sauce @ Treasure Kiosk – Chinatown, Singapore First-Ever Pho Day By Pho Street Going At SGD 0.60 per bowl – Orchard, Singapore I ordered our birthday cake from Edith Patisserie in our (my) favourite lychee rose flavour this year! And check out these sexay lacey bralettes! Fluffy vanilla sponge with generous fresh lychee meat completed with a lightly scented rose cream. Usage Tips: The macarons will keep for 4 days in the lower part of your refrigerator. Change ), You are commenting using your Google account. THE BUZZ: Edith Patisserie is a homestyle bakery managed by a small team of dedicated bakers that offers a pleasant experience with their customised and standard cakes.Their recipes are meticulously taste-tested and tailored to local palettes, lower in sugar, moist and tender. ( Log Out /  Moist and decadent with a tinge of crunchy biscuit (?) With Mister and mama Cheng who gamely used the Carla bag to keep cash. He was cackling in laughter after we reminded him again of our birth dates. Can go support her. Its name a mouthful, but this cake is definitely not one to miss! 6 inch / 6-8 pax / ~1kg 8 inch / 10-15 pax / ~1.5kg 10 inch / 20-25 pax / ~2.5kg // Lychee Rose cake from Edith Patisserie. This cake should be kept refrigerated or consumed immediately upon delivery! Operating Hours Monday: CLOSED Tuesday - Saturday: 10am to 5pm (Last collection at 5.30pm) Sunday: 10am to 2pm (Last collection at 2.30pm) Landline: 6443 7150 Flea Day! We celebrated our (upcoming) anniversary with a staycay this weekend at Marriott and when the flea was about to be confirmed with Jojobeans, I asked Mister if he is ok and thankfully he gave his full support (with a bit of grumbling though . Here's my first customer of the day – @zhenying84! Cake Taste Rose flavored sponge with accompanied with the sweet scent of fresh lychee makes this cake super refreshing and delightful to eat. Select 3 boxes), CNY Special: English Earl Grey Cookies - Jar. 64437150. @jojobeans My corner. Mister's birthday and mine are 3 days apart, which my father was reminded about again today, much to his amusement!? I feel so good clearing most of my wardrobe! . All Right Reserved. Lychee Rose Cake ($53.50). 772 North Bridge Road, Singapore, 198740, Singapore. Lychee Rose Cake ($53.50) I've always been a fan of Edith Patisserie and they're one of my go-to places for cakes the past few years! Additional Info: Gluten Free. inside. Ahhh so happy to found a cake shop that my dad loves because he has super high expectation of the texture of vanilla sponge cakes. I've always been a fan of Edith Patisserie and they're one of my go-to places for cakes the past few years! ♥️ Honestly without his support, i wouldn't be so on about joining the flea. Change ). Da bombz! Look at us gluttons nomming on the mini cupcakes by @Chingzx . @jojobeans. This customised cake design is frosted with swiss meringue buttercream, which is best consumed at room temperature when soft and creamy. And then gorgor passed us this clueless birthday candle instead of me poking 29 holes all over the cake. Wow I just concluded our first flea ever! Chow is a cupcake monster. OMG. Storage instructions here. If refrigerated, thaw for at least 30 minutes to 1 hour or until cream is soft to the touch to ensure that it cuts well. It's TODAY!! 6 questions with Edith Patisserie’s founder Ethel Tan, Diploma in Pastry and Baking graduate of At-Sunrice GlobalChef Academy Established in 2013, Edith Patisserie is founded and run by Ethel Tan and her partner Shaun Ong. Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: You are commenting using your WordPress.com account. Change ), You are commenting using your Twitter account. Our rich, fragr, If you love Ferrero Rochers and the classic pairing of hazelnuts and chocolate, this cake is for you, This classic chocolate cake features layers of chocolate sponge and 66% dark chocolate whipped ganac, Can't decide what cookies to get (because they all sounds so yummy)? We advise taking them out half an hour before serving to … Change ), You are commenting using your Facebook account. Or you can contact her via her very good friend @braintango but I scared your 12 cupcakes become 10. She sells cupcakes and cakes too! The duo met as batchmates while taking their Diploma in Pastry and Baking with At-Sunrice GlobalChef Academy. Create a free website or blog at WordPress.com. . We're almost ready for you guys! We're almost ready for you guys! *We celebrate our birthdays and anniversary in advance cos the actual days coincide with fasting period! Buttercream was very light and smell SO DIVINE cos of the rose and overall my family loved it. . ( Log Out /  Lychee Rose Cake ($53.50) I've always been a fan of Edith Patisserie and they're one of my go-to … Chocolate Truffle Cake from $51.40 This classic chocolate cake features layers of chocolate sponge and 66% dark chocolate whipped ganac ( Log Out /  Cake Talk Size: 5 inch x 3.5 inch or 7 inch x 3.5 inch or 9 inch x 3.5 inch Weight: 700g or 1.1kg or 1.5kg +- Selling pre-loved clothes is really addictive leh, I wanna sell more soon. Clothes are all hung up and tagged! I really enjoyed this lychee cheese cake which features layers of moist sponge, lychee bits and rose buttercream The cake is really pretty and we enjoyed how it had a good balance of the lychee and rose flavours too! So happy that @onegirlonepot joined us and @charlottewangwang too! Comes with 1x Big Candle and 1x Complimentary Birthday Tag So happy that @onegirlonepot joined us and @charlottewangwang too! Piped delicately and sprinkled with rose petals. Counter those heavy CNY snacks and food with our re, Everyone loves a good chocolate chip cookie - these crispy bites are a great addition to your snack, Our best-selling egg-free chocolate fleur de sel cookies are a great addition to any snacking platte, Our CNY-themed cupcakes feature a mixture of vanilla and chocolate cupcakes topped with vanilla butt, Perfect with a cup of Earl Grey tea or coffee! . . I didn't intentionally pose with the cake but I just wanted to show how cute the small cake was! 6" Lychee Rose Our popular Lychee Rose cake features soft and fluffy vanilla swiss sponge, with chopped lychee pieces generously sandwiched between a rose-scented buttercream.