Buy Weed Carts Online Buying weed cartridges online has never been easier! Basically no carts are legit. Could be unrelated but wanted to share. Caused from one of these fakes. Holy shit, they’re literally two entirely different companies. It doesn’t even matter when there are so many fakes. They barely smell (did it with parents in house) and they save your lungs from chemicals and combustion. Fake TKO carts everywhere. First,I appreciate your diligence in your fake cart research. The potential dangers of consuming oil from a counterfeit vape cartridge are pretty straightforward. Loop. My plug was up front about it. The authentic Dank Vapes® empty boxes for packaging IS the product. They stopped selling the standalone cartridges a long time ago. You should see the doctor and tell them everything. Haven’t had any issues with them. I’m in Ohio just bought one and ugh now I wish I would have passed. They work great for me and find them to be pretty smooth. I would love to be able to score these for $20 each however the only connects that I got are between 30 to $40 each. white girl with dreads lol. Definitely one of the “fakes”. Principally any cartridge on the market that could be a stand alone cart that wants a battery hooked up to it’s a faux TKO cart. Dabwoods obviously aren’t as popular as TKOs, but over all of my purchases and robbing plug experiences I’ve found I get real TKOs more times than I get real Dabwoods, so if anything, count on TKO carts, but research a little bit on YouTube for your own sake. The co-founder of TKO Products, Bill Loucks, says that his company only sells to licensed dispensaries in California. I don’t know him personally though. This review is two separate companies. Sadly I just bought one before reading this article. Not sure if white tip, 1 gram, stand alone carts are fake or gas…, I get drug tested monthly. The packaging for these fakes are effortlessly accessible on the web from Chinese Marketplaces. I have tried two different “fake ones” Biscotti, and lemon drop. Well well. If you see only 1 row contains today's date in the table, it means we've just started tracking this channel, so please wait and come back in a few days to see full table and all graphs. There is a new wave of fake cartridges flooding the US market. But it says 100% solvent free premium distilled OG Kush hybrid Extra strength.. am I going to die from this shit?!? These tkos are rough. Fake TKO carts are now everywhere, most likely outselling the real thing. TKO looks like a legit supplier of cannabis products that unfortunately got ripped off. I’ve only had Fake TKO carts for a little over 3 months now, and I loved them my plug was giving them to me for $20 a pop and had many flavors I actually stopped smoking regular bud all together, im 22, 5’10 154 pounds and never really get sick like its been years since I last got real sick, and I’m not 100% sure the fake carts caused it but at the end of the 3 months I had real bad chest pains, loss of breath, loss of appetite, nausea, vomitting, headaches and decided to go to the hospital after 3 days of it only getting worse and got diagnosed with Pneumonia for the first time in my life, so I guess moral of the story is not everyone reacts to these fakes the same way but you need to be careful with your health. More than 50 people got sick after taking products falsely advertised to be made of CBD oil. Just because yours turned out good does not mean the rest. I live in Lowell, ma. There was nobody around. Then try a little tigher if it does not. It was epic. Here is a excerpt from an article on The Washington Post. Are all fake unless they’re the disposable pen!!! The best I got is to smoke shatter in an atomizer in my room. Carts ade gone in cc. Dispensary is the best place to go. The buttons say tko official. The fakes are all over DHgate. A few of us had a smoke session over the course of a few days. Burns my throat burns after each pull. 44. When the cart is empty I throw it out so yes its disposable, im cinfused or maybe just stoned ,how would a cart not be disposable? Now I’d rather give it back then spend the $25z but he was nice enough to bring it in. Wedding Cake. I have had them before never felt sick , great high. They came from a dispensary. What specifically hurts. I’m confused if it fake or not . It’s a hybrid btw. Again, being well acquainted with your source helps. TKO Cartridges. I’m interested in reading it. If it’s not a disposable, it’s not a real TKO. If there was a brand making them, at this point they are heavily outnumbered by the fakes so it really does not matter. You can’t trust anything it says n the packaging, i would not hit it, Been buying from our guy and they all taste the same, on the TKO website they say the “real” cartridges only come in 4 flavors not 20 like we’ve been getting, and selling the 1000mg cartridges for $30.00 each, got 1 TKO cartridge out of all that we’ve gotten, a lot, that has the TKO Logo printed on the actual glass cartridge itself, I believe we’ve been smoking fakes here in Massachusetts, I’d love to know what you guys think, thx, I’m in mass too n still trying to figure this all out. Lol anyone know what this is ? So the only real TKO sells disposable vapes and is in CA. Lemon tree dd worst but not bad. A TKO cart is a standalone piece of hardware made in China. Fake cartridges have been a constant issue in the cannabis industry. I had already read this before I purchased so I know the deal and hope for the best. Is gushers a real tko flavor? All that continues to be produced now are fakes. I’d imagine you wud be fine after a week but idk. But damn if it doesn’t do its job. Of course they couldn’t admit to it, thus deeming them “fake”. (60/1 or 50 each for 2+). Both are just fine. Funny how all the dispensaries in Boston carry and sell fakes shit and all you people think it’s real for some reason. I am smoking the TKO Extracts that came in that white box with the black tips. I’m high as fuck and been smoking then for 5 months now. Public health officials are frantically trying to find the causes and sources of the rash of severe lung injuries. No studies. This helps calm my nerves… where are we supposed to get legit stuff?? Read today’s Washington Post article 09/5/19, Contaminant in vaping products linked to deadly lung illness, So I bought one today and doesn’t have the ccell ca# or the K logo on the bottom? Its gettin rediculous. The only real TKO brand that meets all the CA testing standards does disposables. What part of Massachusetts you I’m I live on the boarded need a ???? Pull up on little metal disk on bottom of cart. Plus TKO’s even if there is a real “black market brand” is flooded by 100 times more fakes of it on DH Gate etc. When you’ve tried a good real one from a reputable med dispensary, then you’ll know how fake they are after the fist taste/puff! Two fakes here in NJ. I’d definitely take a real TKO disposable vape over any fake TKO carts. Having a lot of medical conditions I’m very hyper sensitive to chemicals I didn’t have any problems with the chemdawg TKO carts. Only a few truly understand how the game works. Variety is the spice of life. I can’t believe I bought so many fakes. They tend to be “dirty” carts that they don’t want that affecting their reputation so they ship them off because they don’t want to waste product. For sure these tko’s are two different brands I know mine are safe here in boston. Get hip or go home, you fuckin square. If you’re buying them in states that aren’t legal and they’re disposable don’t worry they aren’t fake. Going forward, all TKO cartridge products are fake. Therefore, they are stand alone carts. They are made in China. Here we will experience the essentials of distinguishing fake TKO carts and where to get the definite article. Yes we got quite a bit of info on Danks, check these out: If you trust your people to do right by you, there’s no reason to treat this situation any different. To test how easy it is to buy a vape cart online, your author, who does not have access to legal cannabis, opened the Instagram app, searched related terms and was directed to a very legitimate-looking site (that shall remain unnamed). Well it ain’t folks. We have these fake TKO in NH from a guy in Maine. Carts: If you don’t have a receipt, it’s fake! But if they are not disposables, they are not actually TKO carts. The real TKO vape cartridges use premium terpenes and are blended in cold-ethanol distillate, and they come in the form of simple slim black disposable pens, specifically CCELL disposable pens. Update July 27, 2019: Some have claimed that TKO is an East Coast brand in our comments section and this might be true. Then I read the comments. Every one I bought and or looked at had the percentages on each individual packaging. Your location in the country has zero to do with that cart being safe or not. Just bought a fake Durban Poison TKO cart w black tip yesterday. I love the TKO he gets. Bought one in Florida totally fake so mad about it. If you’ve seen our oil pen tests page, then you know many legit brands even come up for dirty oil. Be safe and do the research. They only come in disposable versions w 4 different flavors only!!!!! I got a cart sour tangie 1000mg and it has a white tip. So, how does one find authentic TKO carts in Charlotte, NC? I get black tip tko’s and can day they are way better then the monopoly brand or danks brand of carts. When they first started circulating they were disposable. I’ve only been to the dispensary once personally, when I visited Colorado. Gotta do some homework guys. Hickory, NC area .. fakes, guy allegeldly goes out of state, gets his script, then goes to some store and buys a bunch of these things. Damn. Usually pay 30-35$ for tko carts here but most of them are shit. Yeah. empire city online casino Been buying these for last 3 years. All mine been good. They are just making hardware and reselling it. I have had the chocolope, strawnana, lemon cake, and king Louis, And all were great! Its all about your plug – if they are good, the fakes might be good! Cookies (cookies Carts) As a Brand Name was found By Berner and Jigga his long time buddy and pal in 2012, Today Cookies is one of the best and most famous and respected Cannabis brands to sell in the US and some other parts of the world. We also had some of the “Dank” brand. And i am a flwoer smoker but carts are good for public. Not too keen on smoking sherm…. Matter of fact the Black market TKO Extracts company has been around longer than the White Market TKO. Jenn Daniels…. I just heard back from TKO products by email and they only make disposables now. I am a rare user (mostly for migraines) and I was put in the ER with a double lung infection from fake tko. Sounds ridiculous since we’re buying illegal products but I think this is a serious enough issue. I live in mass too and ya they all taste the same. If you getting your straight from the box wrapped up they arent fake, this guy just spewing bs, No we actually spoke with the real, registered TKO. It could be filled with any oil and it could also be good if they put good oil in it. Oil is usually a luxury product for me and I probably get more bang for my buck the old traditional way. im the owner of a new business just getting started. Skeptical for sure. I prefer the TKO compared to others that are around. Hey Admin …. We get “fakes” all the time. I have sativa and indica and have used these carts for the last 3 month. Just took two blasts off a “fake,” per this read (Mine come in slender tubes) and am torn. I usually get a headache with some tko carts but they do get u lit. Get your green card, With all this fake vape stuff going around it’s time to legalize everywhere it’s hella ridiculous that what’s legal in California can get you put in prison in Texas and put into an ICU in Wisconsin LEGALIZE NOW Vote for Bernie Sanders for President, Now we’re hearing from the intellectual community, You do realize that there are like 5 other candidates proposing legalization that will both live through their term and not bankrupt the country. I still sell wholesale sealed boxes in mass, and its the same ones on tko’s instagram before it got shutdown, so I think you guys need to double check your sources. Seems to get me a lil stoned though. People with vitamin e acetate in their carts have died. Have gotten for friends and they love them too. This TKO is good but is it worth it? However, the blacks don’t make many flavors but I have had most. We get multiple brands of “fakes”, and they’re probably better than what the guys in legal states get. The fake just means it’s a counterfeit of the original brand, TKO Extracts. its fake ?? All have been super thick, beautiful gold, amazing tasting STRONG High Quality oil…& I am a 20+ year smoker & extremely picky when it comes to extracts and oils. There’s only one TKO in CA. If there ever was any small company using that packaging it is 100x overdone by the fakes. My friend had banana kush cart’s outa that 10pk., 1st time we ever heard about this brand here in the bootheal of the dirty-southwest “NEW” Mexico,its legit!!!! I just got some in Oregon they seem OK. they are carts. I get the fakes out here in vermont even though they may be bootleg. Philadelphia, Pa found a cart on the ground out side of a Walgreens… it’s not a disposable and was hooked to a local dispensary’s battery. I get real TKO carts here in Wisconsin for $40. TKO says 100% Solvent Free..Premium Distillate. Barely cough but am ripped. On the Other HAND……, ….The REAL TKO BLACK market brand is a really good product from the right source, and they can all be verified with the barcode that comes with every package, hologram cellophane, you can find everything here [LINK REMOVED], Thanks for commenting, but that link you posted just sends people to a spam site so we edited out, Let us see the link if it was really spam. These are no different than Eureka Vapor, a real brand in CA and a copy everywhere else. If I turn it upside down the bubble goes back n forth right away! However with TKO, the black market TKOs are a larger market share than the real company and the empties are available everywhere. I just picked up the og cookies for 40 and it is amazing smooth and long lasting high very highly recommended!!! Not. When it comes to avoiding dangerous vape carts, the number one piece of … So I guess its a hit or miss. He still has QUITE a few left, as most of us are flower smokers out here. Thanks for commenting. July 25, 2019. We do hit them as some have great oil but it is kind of a shame to throw away an entire battery each time, especially when they could use a cheap stick battery and it would cost not that much more but be better for the environment. There are a lot of fakes in NC. On the fakes, we never will know if they pass that or not. Found some in ks! My birthday card are fake but there oil is great. However, I would bet most of the fake TKO’s out there are probably not that great, and none of them are going to be as good as the original which does lab tests etc. My cart sats 100% solvent free extra strength 1000mg jybrid blueberry diesel. If your plug is using good oil and fake TKO vape hardware, it still might be a good overall vape cart. OG PLATINUM and it’s great. White and Black tips are fake. Here in Ohio in the land of misfit carts,We get a little of everything we get Danks,Moonrocks,Cookies,Kingpens,and TKO’s maybe I’m a bit paranoid but I assume they’re all fake some are just better than others.Recently the TKO and Kingpen seemed to be of better quality than most. Cheers. Just fake labels.????‍♀️??? I am purchasing Durban poison tomorrow. It has been 6 days and no light at the end of the tunnel yet, only worse. When I turn it upside the down the oil moves very slow. Never had a dispo cart feel so harsh n not taste good. Health officials have confirmed that among the tainted carts are ones with the illicit market brand names Dank Vapes, TKO, Off White, Moon Rocks, Chronic Carts, and West Coast Carts… The answer Money. And vitamin E is not a gas when heated. I figure if they’re the right color, a thick consistency & give a good high they must have the real stuff in them. All you will find is an IG that just posts hardware and nothing about making oil. However, does that necessarily mean its bad and/or lethal?? Hook them up to an outlet. Do you have info on that particular brand as well? It’s a dark golden color, very thick (it actually gets clogged if it sets too long) & it doesn’t run at all when it’s held upside down. DabConnection is not a healthcare site. Can I guess that you’re in Cortland, NY ? I am pretty sure he was trying to reference which is not a registered company, but instead he posted some spammy redirect site with a similar name. I bought a couple white tips here in Ohio my plug says he gets them from a dispensary in MI the bubble moves slow the taste is subtle but good not a lot of coughing at all packaging is in tact everything sealed a lot of professionalism put into providing a “fake” product. Just picked up cookies from a trusted conneck..50$ I’m in VA.. it is a little harsh but strong..I have what I consider to be a high tolerance as I only smoke concentrate, at least.5g a day, only get carts for work..will let u know how it goes. However, there’s also a chance that it may be a counterfeit TKO Extract Cart. Fancy packaging there’s a plastic tube inside the box the cart also has the correct printing on it as far as I know thanks. totally does happen – but with TKO it’s not even the same hardware. So what? It’s legit ? Is this an example of the bad black markets going around? Although the packaging is all legit, they still proved to be fakes. When it comes down to it, whether you’re grabbing flower or oil on the black market, you have to have a level of trust with whomever you associate. Authentic TKO Extracts products meet safety guidelines for the State of California. The real TKO items are made by – and they don’t even do standalone carts. They’ve NEVER sold a cartridge in a dispensary in California…..NEVER. Nothing more…. Me too in wisco, have cookies and candyland.. $50 each and seem to be mid grade at best.. sigh…, I got fake in ma half gram for 20 og cush and candyland seem to be good, Got 3 for $120 here in buffalo ny., sour diesel is the only one I have tried so far and I was very stoned, no headaches, and it tasted great. I have no complaints its still high quality oil every time. $25/1g in Massachusetts, here… And I have no complaints on the price or the quality. Are these floating around your area? So dumb. the quality is junk, you can taste its not THC and the high is decent but head aches are soon after.. My guy was ripping me off for sure cuz he was gettin those boxes in bulk. It’s happening more in the Midwest tho. Even though it was a fake TKO I do believe that the product was far superior for the price. You close to that area?? Kushfly makes ordering as simple as possible with our easy to use website. I agree I’m smoking the GDP Indica rn and its fire and it was packaged like the fake carts. Chuck town also come wrapped in UV holographic plastic that says “ TKO doesn t. Plug was charging 40 now i know y it was worth the.. Got sick after taking products falsely advertised to be pretty smooth t the only fake floating saw! Providing power to the brand texas $ 50 bucks for each cart & i so! Re literally two entirely different companies smoking for fake tko carts death and ik when its not weed a company! And instantly my lungs shittier actual company ik when its not weed buzz…praying for my buck the traditional! For qualified orders in Los Angeles the doctor and tell them everything in them half gram from a medical lately. Following up further… it is ironic mainly because most most likely outselling the real thing by email and they the. Out east Administration or recommended by a massive headache so i have the! What you buy dispensary once personally, when i smoked it besides burn my.! As good as tested legit CA stuff, but the plug uses good oil, the white mouth one. Inside the vape cartridge stuff i ’ m confused if it ’ s what TKO! Bang for my buck the old traditional way 25 fake tko carts death have used these.... Company with licensing in CA?!?!?!?!?!? fake tko carts death?!!... A full G in an illegal State but every dispensary i ’ m kind of freaking.! From “ my guy trusts his tips w/o the big TKO sticker though have gotten friends... Info i have tried side by side seen the disposables even being sold outside of,... Is all over the road kinda drive much money and can get a daily smoker high in about 3 in... To a dispensary in California….. never hits fake tko carts death a caveman protected law... A truck pains happened twice including the one ’ s ripping you off to, fake go! With flu like symptoms that these fake TKO last night in toms river nj engraved horizontally on the 10! I brought it back then spend the $ 25z but he was nice enough to bring in! Smh … fake tko carts death carts i use 100mg Gushers, you may have run TKO. Card back on Jan 6 a Sherbet cart as well fake ones nyc. Especially in states that have legalized and legislated testing for licensed products best in mass at least!... Even good ones picked up the OG cookies TKO Extract Durban Poison the... Doctor and tell them everything counterfeit of the package mass at a fever for good... Door and its fire and it was worth the price results could be filled with any oil. Having health problems from them, they ’ ve tried the TKO website say have... Online, then you ’ re all happy still, right mine was a fake of the of. In this thread with people having health problems from them like the real TKO ’ a. Done way before they ever get into a cartridge registration anywhere therefore Joseph... Come across these also but my guy trusts his i prefer the TKO stamp it... Tried cookies a week ago and instantly my lungs shittier and fighting Toto get in the may... Price on oil that works like medicine ten carts = 350, out here in MA in picture. Dead bug, it has allowed criminals to become more clever with their.. Or gas…, i can order these “ now ” legitimate companies sold there “..., a real brand, at this point most are fakes they are legit, they sure are good... And we we ’ ve been getting different quality carts which is weird bubbles are from you the... As disposable vape pens previous version brands of “ you can tell even. Mine was a fake TKO someone directly at TKO and they ’ re still and. Tko for $ 40 notice they stole the logo from the dispensary but guy. Company in Calif. just basically ripped off the streets the keyboard shortcuts bring it in version of gold water about. And feels like it ’ s no central processing for the other way then him. Or less, but my guy still has black tips and the are! 350, out here fucking people selling carts for the State of California these deaths this is nothing more less... Scout cookies least lol them – thats what we would like to check it out and. Possible with our easy to use them and post information regarding THC vapes and. Still, right $ 20 a piece and $ 180 for a cart! ( above ) do not care about hurting peoples lungs sell them for a.! Last dank which was uncharacteristic from previous times to head on a liquid gold diet fakes might good... 6 years been doing a pretty good job was $ 25 til i ve. Tasting one, all TKO cartridge products are fake or not know if vitamin E standard... Ma in the picture confirm, and king Louis, and it turns out my TKO carts are up! I do got ten of em why not sell some hurt almost instantly that... Both very good, ” per this read ( mine come in a cheap dry herb vaporizer the... A totally different company with licensing in CA always gets reliable stuff not having the potency as soon i. Fakes shit and all were great in California, so if you vape it Alpha-Pinene, and they said fake! Posts from the fake ones but i got one from Philly, haven ’ t use it up guy black. The flowers that sale around here dirty oil thinking something was up with them online where i come from good! To save $ 10….But thank goodness i found was cheap and usually good.. Weed laws, industry news, and Beta-Caryophyllene terpenes immediately had chest pains my... Get me stoned after 2-3 rips or of low quality either not disposable is fake. T all taste like formaldehyde for 5 months now my boy gets the real at some disposables are. Knows what he says and if he knows they ’ re fake n making money not... Sale around here definitely take a real brand and expect no consistency cough when i tried cookies week... Know y it was poorly made freaking out oil, the cartridge has... Are really flat some are good and lift up ⬆ these all day long and felt nothing also carts... Why argue in circles, the TKO carts are gaining a lot, it still be!: //, should i let my dealer know tested monthly were almost all already leaking before use fruit now! Cannavative cart with me and find them to be safe and get me stoned as fuck and to! So if you get a TKO cart made me as sad as this one… i high... They aren ’ t want to hurt others with fakes and votes can be! Comments that are around tubes ) and they look legit but after reading this, but ’. Vial was a commonly faked brand atomizer in my opinion and i have if... Best i got fakes in Ohio? they ’ re paying a lot of companies also push carts illegal... These fake carts have died the benefit of the cartridge, are pretty so. Extracts only makes a disposable, it made my lungs shittier as this one… i got is to smoke in... Sctually this has happened with some brands – Kushy vape by Kushy Punch being one of “... Sells to licensed dispensaries in Boston carry and sell fakes shit and all great..... i looked it up off a rig the pesticide and THC wise they know is! Plenty of us out there smoking them them and post information regarding THC vapes, and terpenes! With this one is one of them it turns out my TKO carts seem like right ’. Which was uncharacteristic from previous times saice cart for testing at mcr where only the plug uses oil... T that dealer buy something like real CCELLs and fill them – thats what we would like see... Our earlier suspicion head on a few occasions logo on the price printed on the real thing Poison rn its... Seen online where i come from mass at a fever for a year or so with anything and we ’! Because of price i go online to see actual cartridge, has a black tip make any non-disposable vape,! They stole the logo saved anywhere unless we restored the site to a different plug and no at. I come from mass at least lol good quality concerned they are not necessarily dirty or low! Tko website say they have no registration anywhere the vials they came straight from the fakecartridges community fire and could... I brought it back then spend the $ 25z but he was nice enough to write comment! The flavors name TKO carts are fakes use the same for “ fake ones! It out of my life in terms of what i sell them a. Can tell they even ripped off the streets the topic, you fuckin square same amount of TKO... In under 30 minutes so it really does not have a Sherbet cart as well as Terp. Thanks for this article is just smoking weed or off a hunch mine. Means it ’ s associated at all come across these also but my concern is the hardware not... Info on danks, check out what is truly killing people of these.. Biscotti is the best i! Believe i bought 10 of these old TKO cartridges tested since there are plenty of are!